There is no first attack in Karate

- Gichin Funakoshi

Robert Steggles Sensei -7th Dan

Head of JKS Edinburgh Robert Sensei started training in Edinburgh in 1987 at the age of 15 and has trained constantly ever since.  Focusing on technique and hard work as the main elements of his training and teaching has led Robert Sensei to teach throughout the world.

Though he has competed and captained the national kumite team in the past Robert Sensei is an exceptional kata exponent and now teaches these skills to his students and assistant instructors for both grading/personal development and competition.

Sensei Robert has helped an array of students of all different physical abilities attain their black belt and also beyond.

Qualifications Include:

–  Kyu grade level examiner

–  Dan grade level examiner

–  Category B Licence as a referee

–  Category B Licence as a judge

Honours Include:

– 2016 JKS World Championship – Silver Koten Kata 18-49

– European Kata Champion 2014

– National Kata Champion (numerous times)

– International kata Champion (numerous times)

– Represented Scotland at World and European Championships level since 2000 at both Kata & Kumite all over the world

– Graded 7th Dan at JKS Japan Teikyo University November 2022


Anne Lowis Sensei – 4th Dan

Anne Sensei brings over 30 years of dedicated training and expertise to the dojo. She embarked on her martial arts journey at the young age of 7, and since then, her passion and commitment she has achieved medal successes in both National and International competitions.

Anne Sensei’s journey in karate has been marked by significant milestones. Most recently with her achieving 4th Dan (Black Belt) under Kagawa Shihan in Dublin in 2023. 

This remarkable achievement illustrates her deep understanding of the art of Shotokan Karate and JKS Edinburgh is very fortunate to have such experience to draw on.


– SKGB Kata Gold 2010

– JKS Kumite Gold 2010

– Represented JKS at European and World Championships 

Maja Wright Sensei – 3rd Dan

Maja joined JKS Edinburgh in 2009 and attained her first and second dan under Robert Sensei, more recently attaining her third dan in 2019 under Kagawa Shihan (9th Dan JKS World Chief Instructor).

Previously a member of the JKS Scotland Squad, she has competed in Japan, Ireland and throughout the UK.

She has taken pride in establishing our Tigers program at JKS Edinburgh, successfully mentoring students from the ages of 4-6 years old and successfully preparing them for our main karate classes.

Honours Include:

–  Winning gold in kumite during the 2016 JKS World Championships

–  Bronze SKGB Kata Championships (All Styles)

–  Scottish National Championship Bronze Kata

–  Scottish National Championship Bronze Kumite

Declan Hogg Sensei – 4th Dan

Declan sensei started Karate aged 13 and joined JKS in 2010 as a Shodan later moving to Edinburgh permanently.

He attained his second dan in 2015 under Sensei Robert and later his third dan in 2019 under Kagawa Shihan (9th Dan JKS World Chief Instructor).

Like the other instructors he has trained with a variety of Japanese instructors form the JKS and has a keen interest in both technical and practical karate and defence situations and is able to draw on these to give different perspectives when teaching.


–  Training at the Honbu Dojo, Toyko as part of the annual JKS Scotland trip to Japan in 2011 and 2019.

–  Winning Bronze at the Individual Scottish Kata Championship 2015

David Johnstone Sensei – 3rd Dan

David Sensei started Karate at age of 12 in the Scottish Karate Academy, gaining his Shodan in 1997.

When he left for University, he took a long break from training fell in love with training again at JKS Edinburgh under the instruction of Robert Sensei.

He gained Nidan (2nd dan) under the JKS Scotland senior panel in March 2014 and has a wealth of experience which he uses to great effect when teaching, having taught both our Tigers and main classes.

Honours Include:

– JKS World Championships 2016 Semi Finalist Senior Kata

– JKS Ireland Championships 2015 Bronze Senior Kata & Bronze Junro Kata

– Scottish Karate Governing Body Championships 2007 Bronze – Kata