Karate is like hot water, it will cool if not constantly heated

- Gichin Funakoshi

Monday & Friday Classes

St Peters Church, Lutton Place, Edinburgh

The St Peters Dojo is our main Dojo, led by Robert Sensei (7th dan) with many decades of experience at instruction and competition, the Monday and Friday classes give you a full spectrum of karate including WKF sparring classes which are open and suitable for all levels and great for fitness and confidence.


Our Basics/All Grade Classes provide a solid foundation for beginners and a chance for practitioners of all levels to refine their techniques. And when we say we have all ages and abilities we really do mean it, with over 150 active members across all of our classes you will be in great company! 

For those seeking to push their boundaries, our Advanced Classes offer a challenging environment to hone your martial arts prowess and unlock your best. 


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, our classes are designed to inspire and motivate you on your martial arts journey.


Class Times

Mondays and Fridays

5.30 -6.20pm Parent&Child Class (Under 11’s Yellow Belt and Below) 

These classes are for our parents & kids aged 11 and under up (and upto yellow belt grade).


6.20 – 7.10pm – All Grades

These classes are for all grades and cover off the 3 fundamental aspects of Karate training – basics, kata and kumite.  

If you’re a beginner then these classes are for you, open to all ages and abilities we’ll work to get you introduced to karate and, most importantly, enjoying it.  And when we say “all ages” we’re one of the minority of clubs who mean it – we have students aged 6 to 60(ish) in our classes which really gives us a diverse dynamic and improves your training.  


7.10 – 7.40pm – Kumite Class 

These classes are additional classes which are open to all students* interested in improving their fitness and competing now, or in the future.

The content covered isn’t necessarily grade specific but it is open to all and will help not just for competition but also for general karate and conditioning.


7.40-8.30 Advanced Class (open to all but covering high grade syllabus)

These classes are tailored towards brown belt level karate and above however are open to all grades.  The atmosphere is still as open and accommodating as the all grades class for lower grades wanting to try to up thier training.  Contact Us for more info.  

For those looking to attain black belt or compete at higher grade level competition these classes are a must and will push you to achieve your best.  

8.30-9.00pm Advanced Kata 

These classes are additional classes which focus on higher grade kata.  They are open to all students though the level of the kata covered can vary greatly.

These help utilise all techniques learned in the other classes and employ them in a high level setting.