Karate is like hot water, it will cool if not constantly heated

- Gichin Funakoshi


In light of the Governments  more recent announcements on we can confirm that we are returning to training on 14th September 2020, however, temporarily our dojo will change location.  This will likely be the case until October 2020 when we hope to return to our main hall.  


As the situation is continously evolving and changing the calendar should be taken as a rough guide.  Our timetable and location is subject to change and review in line with the latest guidance which can change frequently which makes keeping this website fully up to date difficult.  As such if unsure about when/where we are training please either check the Members Only Facebook page or use the Contact Us page.   


We look foward to welcoming you back to training!

-JKS Edinburgh Team  



JKS Edinburgh hosts a variety of classes for all ages and abilities. 


Our timetable is below with a break down of our costs and what each class entails.  



1745 - 1825 hrs 

Competition Class

Open to All Grades

1830 - 1930 hrs

Main Karate Class

Open to All Grades

1930 - 2030 hrs

Advanced Karate Class


or on invite by Robert Sensei


1800- 1840 hrs 

Tigers Class

Childrens class open to

4-6 yr olds

1800 - 1830 hrs

Fitness Class

Open to All Grades

1830 - 1930 hrs

Main Karate Class

Open to All Grades

1930 - 2030 hrs

Advanced Karate Class


or on invite by Robert Sensei

Please click on the relevant tab for an explanation of each class and our basic fees.  In addition to the basic class fees there are annual licence/membership fees.  For more information on this click here.

  • Main Karate Classes
  • Fitness/Competition Class
  • Tigers (Childrens) Classes

The hardest part is walking in...

We know walking into the dojo for the first time can be intimidating, our members have all gone through exactly the same thing!

Our classes are all very friendly and welcoming no matter your age, ability or experience. After walking through the door that first time, it all gets much easier!


Your First Class Is Free!

Our classes are designed around being friendly and challenging but you'll find a wealth of support available for all grades!

With your first class free what have you got to lose?


Contact Us or Find Us on Facebook 

Pay Per Night Fees

 Adult (16+)



Family (3 or more)
One Class£7.00£5.00£12.00
Two Classes£10.00£7.50£15.00
Two Classes + Fitness£10.00£8.00£15.00

Monthly Payment Option





Family (3 or more)

One Karate Class per week




One Karate Class + Fitness Class once per week




Two Karate Classes One Night per week




 Two Karate Classes + Fitness Class one night per week




Unlimited Training



  • Speak to Sensei Robert for rates

Mondays - 1745-1825hrs - Competition Classes

Mondays classes are geared more towards competition in both Kata and Kumite.  There will still be an element of fitness but it isn't quite the same focus as Friday's classes.  These classes are open to all students interested in improving their fitness and who would like to compete either now or in the future.  

Fridays 1800-1830hrs

Our Fitness Bursts are 30 minute classes which can include kettle bells, medicine balls, body weight training and more.

The classes are based around interval training meaning everyone can work to their own ability without the risk of "falling behind" or being left out.

The classes are open to ALL meaning karate and non-karate, so if you're dropping off a relative who is training, or simply want to incorporate a half hours burst of fitness into your week then come along or Contact Us for more info!



Adults (16+)


JKS Members£2.00£1.00
Non Members£4.50£3.00
Fitness Only Membership (monthly)£20.00 -

Our Tigers classes are for 4-6 year olds and are set in blocks of approximately 10 weeks at a time with some additional Pay-As-You-Go Classes which cost £4 each.  All dates are available on our Calendar page.


Tigers classes are a friendly and fun environment to introduce your children to the world of karate and are specifically tailored to ensure your children have fun while also beginning to learn the structure and discipline required in later years.


Tigers Classes:

 - Are fun

 - Teach respect

 - Build confidence

 - Teach discipline and self-control

 - Work in a structured environment

 - Develop social skills

 - Teach motor skills and coordination

And much more!


Our instructors all meet the minimum standards set out by the Scottish Karate Governing Body (SKGB) and your child’s safety is our top priority.

Contact Us to find out more!



Annual Fees 

In addition to the class fees annual membership and licence fees are also required.  

Your annual licence is effectively your insurance.  Any martial art presents an element of risk and therefore insurance is required by all members.  

Your membership fee covers your membership with JKS Scotland (our association).  This allows you to grade, compete at competitions and attend several courses which are held each year with world class Japanese Instructors.


***Special Offer Starters Pack ***          

 Annual Membership + Insurance + Uniform ONLY £45.00

This offer is open to all new students and includes your annual insurance fee, membership and your first Karate Gi (Uniform) Saving around £36.00!


Following on from the Starter Pack, each subsequent years fees are as follows:


JKS MembershipAnnual Renewal – £20.00
JKS Licence / InsuranceAnnual Renewal – £23.00

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available with Sensei Robert for individuals or smaller groups.


Each lesson lasts for approximately 50 minutes and the content covered is at the students request.


Home lessons or lessons at Robert Sensei’s private dojo are available for £20 for a half hour lesson or £25 for a full hours lesson.


Additionally private lessons can be booked at the club dojo, the cost of this is £30 for one hour.


Should you require any further information contact Sensei Robert via facebook, phone or our Contact Us Page.