Karate is like hot water, it will cool if not constantly heated

- Gichin Funakoshi

The hardest part is walking in…

We know walking into the dojo for the first time can be intimidating, our members have all gone through exactly the same thing!

Our classes are all very friendly and welcoming no matter your age, ability or experience. After walking through the door that first time, it all gets much easier!


JKS Edinburgh hosts a variety of classes for all ages and abilities across 2 venues: 


Mondays & Fridays All Grades from 5.35 to 8.40pm

St Peters Church, Edinburgh

Our Main Headquarters at St. Peter’s Church, located in the heart of Edinburgh. Led by our Chief Instructor, Robert Steggles Sensei (7th dan) who, with decades of experience, offers expert tuition to all levels of experience and expertise.

Classes include: 

  • Sports Kumite (Sparing) 
  • Basics/All Grade Classes
  • Advanced Classes and;
  • Dan (Black Belt) Kata Class


Wednesdays - All Grades 6-7pm

Edinburgh College, W Granton Road, Edinburgh

Our new satellite club, ran primarily by Declan Hogg & David Johnstone Sensei’s this club hosts a one hour class open for all grades and abilities every Wedneday Evening!

Tigers - 4 to 6 Yr Olds - Mondays & Fridays

St Peters Church, Edinburgh

Our Main Headquarters at St. Peter’s Church, Lutton Place, Edinburgh also hosts

our Tigers Club, specially designed for young martial arts enthusiasts aged 4 to 6! Led by the dedicated instructor Maja Sensei, our club provides a nurturing environment for children to learn and grow.

At Tigers Club, we focus on age-appropriate training that combines fun and learning. Through engaging activities and interactive games, children develop fundamental martial arts skills while improving coordination, balance, and confidence.