Karate is like hot water, it will cool if not constantly heated

- Gichin Funakoshi


In light of the Governments  more recent announcements on we can confirm that training is due to resume physically, however, temporarily our dojo will change location.  This will likely be the case until October 2021

As the situation is continously evolving and changing it is impossible to keep accurate data on our website.  As such if unsure about when/where we are training please either check the Members Only Facebook page or use the Contact Us page to send us a message.   


We look foward to welcoming you back to training!

-JKS Edinburgh Team  


The hardest part is walking in…

We know walking into the dojo for the first time can be intimidating, our members have all gone through exactly the same thing!

Our classes are all very friendly and welcoming no matter your age, ability or experience. After walking through the door that first time, it all gets much easier!

JKS Edinburgh hosts a variety of classes for all ages and abilities. 

Our timetable is below with a break down of our costs and what each class entails.  


Class Times

Mondays and Fridays

5.45 -6.15pm Kumite/Kata sports

These classes are additional classes which are open to all students interested in improving their fitness and competing now, or in the future. 

The content covered isn’t necessarily grade specific but it is open to all and will help not just for compeition but also for general karate and conditioning.  


6.20 – 7.20pm – All Grades

These classes are for all grades and cover off the 3 fundamental aspects of Karate training – basics, kata and kumite.  

If you’re a beginner then these classes are for you, open to all ages and abilities we’ll work to get you introduced to karate and, most importantly, enjoying it.  And when we say “all ages” we’re one of the minority of clubs who mean it – we have students aged 6 to 60(ish) in our classes which really gives us a diverse dynamic and improves your training.  


7.25 – 8.25pm – Advanced Class (open to all but covering high grade syllabus)

These classes are tailored towards brown belt level karate and above however are open to all grades.  The atmosphere is still as open and accommodating as the all grades class for lower grades wanting to try to up thier training.  Contact Us for more info.  

For those looking to attain black belt or compete at higher grade level competition these classes are a must and will push you to achieve your best.  

Tigers Classes (Ages 4-6 years)

Fridays  – 5.45 -6.15 pm

Tigers classes are an introduction to Karate for your little cubs.  Catering for ages 4 to 6 they are a fun way to get into a karate suit and meet other little Tigers in a class environment.  


Our Tigers program has succesfully allowed children to enter our main stream classes as they progress and has a tested track record at retaining kids as they get older.  


Our instructors all meet the minimum standards set out by the Scottish Karate Governing Body (SKGB) and your child’s safety is our top priority.


Tigers classes are £12 per month as a monthly subscription.  Contact Us to find out more!

Our Tigers Classes

Class Costs 


Unlimited Training / month
  • £50 - Adult (16+)
  • £40 - Child (U16)
  • £90 - Family (3 or more students)
  • Any class, any number of times per month.


Up to 3 Classes / week*
  • £45 - Adult (16+)
  • £30 - Child (U16)
  • £75 - Family (3 or more students)
  • * All classes are counted as "one" class no matter how long that class is (i.e. a 30 minute kumite class counts the same as a 1 hour advanced class)


1 Class / week *
  • £22 - Adult (16+)
  • £16 - Child (U16)
  • £40 - Family (3 or more students)
  • * All classes are counted as "one" class no matter how long that class is (i.e. a 30 minute kumite class counts the same as a 1 hour advanced class)

Annual Fees 

In addition to the class fees, annual membership and licence fees are also required.  

Your annual licence is effectively your insurance.  Any martial art presents an element of risk and therefore insurance is required by all members.  

Your membership fee covers your membership with JKS Scotland (our association).  This allows you to grade, compete at competitions and attend several courses which are held each year with world class Japanese Instructors.


***Special Offer Starters Pack ***          

 Annual Membership + Insurance + Uniform ONLY £45.00

This offer is open to all new students and includes your annual insurance fee, membership and your first Karate Gi (Uniform) Saving around £36.00!


Following on from the Starter Pack, each subsequent years fees are as follows:


JKS MembershipAnnual Renewal – £20.00
JKS Licence / InsuranceAnnual Renewal – £23.00

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available with Sensei Robert for individuals or smaller groups.


Each lesson lasts for approximately 50 minutes and the content covered is at the students request.


Home lessons or lessons at Robert Sensei’s private dojo are available for £20 for a half hour lesson or £25 for a full hours lesson.


Additionally private lessons can be booked at the club dojo, the cost of this is £30 for one hour.


Should you require any further information contact Sensei Robert via facebook, phone or our Contact Us Page.