Karate is an Aid to Justice

📖✍️“Karate Is an Aid to Justice” ✍️📖
This is a precept that is, compared to some of the other 20, relatively direct in its meaning. The real depth and meaning in this precept comes from studying the word “justice”. ⚖️

Whereas a lot of focus is directed towards the literal and physical implications of this precept, what about those everyday social justices?

The 1st definition in the Collins Dictionary of Justice is: “the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness” another common phrase is describing justice as ‘what is right and proper and fair’. 📙👩‍⚖️

It’s easy to look past some slightly rougher jokes at someone’s expense in the workplace as harmless.
Unless you’re the butt of the joke.

It’s easy to look past favouritism when it benefits your friends, but its slightly harder when you know you’re on the other side of the fence.
It’s easy to give someone a bit less time or effort when you’re jealous of another aspect of their life, but if you’re that person looking for some more time or tuition its easy to feel excluded.

Karate is a great leveller. No matter your age, background, race, religion or any other characteristic – we all wear the same uniform. The richest person in the corporate world can be the newest beginner in a dojo.

True Karate teaches humility and respect for yourself & others.
It is an aid to justice and equality by respecting every single person equally.

Can you think of a time you might not have been as “just” as you could have been? 🤔
We know we can…

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