Spirit First, Technique Second

📖 “Spirit First, Technique Second” 👊🥋
This is often read as the idea of striving for perfection while understanding in reality that physical perfection is impossible. 🤯
Or studying to perfect your mindset and spirit so you can keep trying in the face of adversity.

In the dojo this is essential, can you remember your first session? Your first stance or kick?
Do you think you got it 100% right?
Do you think you get it 100% right now?

Without the will to keep training and practising our technique will never get better, it’s never perfect, whether you do it once or 10,000 times, but if you’ve got the spirit to reach that 10,000th repetition it’s going to be far better than the person who doesn’t.
Only by putting your spirit first, this willingness to try, do we achieve our goals. 🎯

There will be challenges, setbacks, injuries & barriers – they hurt just the same whether your spirit is strong or weak, but it’s not about how you FEEL in these situations – everyone feels the same, it’s what you DO when you hit those 🚧 that shows your spirit.
If you can overcome your own difficulties & learn a new kata or technique, or achieve that next belt, then you can learn any new skill, achieve that next promotion, better yourself or reach any goal.

It’s all about your mindset, your belief in yourself, your spirit. 🥇
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